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why not give the gift of life & love to a rescue dog?


Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

We rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and rehome to new

loving homes.

Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through our kennels during the 30 years we have

been rescuing dogs.

You are very welcome to visit our kennels by appointment 

Registered Charity  Number 1151287



Help us find loving new homes for our dogs.Please print out and display our



These can be dispalyed in a variety of locations such as pet stores ,vets, dog training venues, popular dog walking areas, in your car.







A lot of people are not able to adopt or volunteer but you can still make a dog's wish come true by sending a gift via our


 Amazon wish list

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Happy, cuddly and full of love!

Isaac! Big and rather handsome Akita lad who is typical to his breed. Isaac loves to play with ball, enjoys his walks in the woods and is a calm older chap.  

Jack! Lively 6 year old chap who is desperate to be a part of the family again. Jack loves his walks and would love a family that understands Terrier traits. Jack has lived with older children.

To see more dogs for adoption please press this link. KAS_2605 new small


Food donations...


We are always in need of quality wet and dry dog food, if anyone would like to donate please. Delivery is free and Martin gives the rescue 5% of the order back.


Thank you from all of us for your continued support xxx


Please follow the link below:

Tetley! Male Sighthound youngster looking for a home with someone around most of the time. Little boy is affectionate, cuddy and would benefit from a home with another dog.  





  Our stocks of blankets, duvets and towels quickly dwindle. We are in need of these soft comforts to put in the dogs’ beds and to help dry them after walks. If you have any to donate (no feathers please!), we would be so grateful if you could drop them off during our opening hours.


Thank you! xxx





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